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Colossus ™

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Heavy Duty Polymeric & Stainless Steel Cable Cleat, for cables in trefoil formation. The Ellis Colossus cable cleat has been designed, developed, tested and manufactured in accordance with IEC 61914 (cable cleats for electrical installations). The cleat is available in a range of sizes with range taking ability to suit cables in trefoil formation. The frame of the cleat is manufactured from grade 316L stainless steel, the body of the cleat is manufactured from a low smoke and zero halogen (LSOH) material. The closure fixings are manufactured from A4-70 stainless steel. Colossus is affixed to the supporting structure by a range of fixings dependant on size. For data sheets and installation instructions head to the Downloads section.

Max S/C Test LevelCleat Spacing
104kA Every 7800mm with intermediate straps every 1300mm

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Part No.Cable Range Min Dia. mmCable Range Max Dia. mmDimensions W mmDimensions H mmDimensions D mmDimensions P mmFixing HolesWeight g
COL24-2924291288760252 X M10 +1 X M12604
COL27-3227321339260252 X M10 +1 X M12623
COL30-36303613710160252 X M10 +1 X M12639
COL34-41344114611060252 X M10 +1 X M12690
COL39-47394715712260252 X M10 +1 X M12734
COL45-54455417114170502 X M10913
COL52-62526218515670502 X M10996
COL60-72607220417670502 X M101063
COL69-836983225202100752 X M121590
COL79-957995247225100752 X M121700
COL91-109911092732531001202 X M121900
COL105-1261051263062861501202 X M123030
COL122-1461221463453241501502 X M123270
COL142-1701421703903711501502 X M123680
COL69-83SC6983225202300752 X M122532
COL79-95SC7995247225300752 X M122726
COL91-109SC911092732533001202 X M122995
COL105-126SC1051263062863001202 X M124108
COL122-146SC1221463453243001502 X M124562

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