HV Product Range

HV Product Range

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Ellis Patents offers a range of HV cable management products to suit all project requirements. In addition to standard products Ellis has a proven track record of creating products to address bespoke project requirements. Ellis also offer short circuit testing to validate product selection and installation conditions.

  1. Centaur: Single. Aluminium saddled cleat, supplied in range of lengths and to suit a range of cable diameters.
  2. Intermediate Strap: Fixed. Used to maintain separation between cables in vertical three phase formation.
  3. Intermediate Strap: Pivot. Intermediate Strap used to maintain separation between cables in vertical three phase formation.
  4. Termination Clamp. Clamp to securely lock cables in place of runs or joins bays. Axial retention force to 60kN.
  5. Centaur: Trefoil. As per Centaur Single but to suit cables in trefoil formation.
  6. Flexi-strap. Strap to secure cables and maintain formation between fixed cleats.
  7. Structure: Ellis offer in house Fabrication and can offer structures for your project.
  8. Installation Rollers: Used during the installation phase to enable cables to be pulled through cleats.
  9. Cable Guide clamp. Combined cleat and cable quide clamp, used in compact installations with tight bend radii.
  10. Colossus: Large trefoil stainless steel and polymer cleat, with wings.

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