Centaur Trefoil

Centaur Trefoil

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Heavy Duty Aluminium Cable Saddle, for cables in trefoil formation. The Ellis Centaur cable cleat has been designed, developed, tested and manufactured in accordance with IEC 61914 (cable cleats for electrical installations). Centaur cable saddles are designed to support HV cables. Centaur consists of an extruded and pressed aluminium saddle and a hinged aluminium over strap. The curvature of the saddle accommodates the thermal expansion of the cable and the ends of the saddle are flared so the cable never comes into contact with a sharp edge under any circumstances. The over strap incorporates a low smoke and zero halogen (LSOH) material liner. All the fixing bolts are grade A4-70 stainless steel. To eliminate the possibility of galvanic corrosion all dissimilar metals are isolated from each other by injection moulded separation washers. Centaur saddles are available in lengths of 400, 600 and 800mm to allow for different cable diameters and mounting centres. Centaur can be supplied with a variety of rigid or flexible mounting arrangements.  

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