Alpha ™

Alpha ™

Aluminium Trefoil Cleats. Patent No. UK Patent GB 240 5900. A new, stronger alternative to the traditional aluminium cleat.

Manufactured in extruded aluminium (6000 series) to BS EN 755. Our Alpha cleats are even more robust than our original trefoil cast cleats. Alpha cleats come with easy one bolt fixing and zinc plated steel closing fasteners. Alpha cleats are available with two base options: Aluminium or Polymer. The polymeric base can be used to prevent galvanic corrosion, where this could be a problem.

Max S/C Test Level Cleat Spacing

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Part No. Aluminium BasePart No. LSF Zero Halogen BaseTrefoil Cable Range Min Dia. mmTrefoil Cable Range Max Dia. mmDimensions W mmDimensions H mmDimensions D mmFixing HolesWeight g
ALP01-AN0ALP01-AN123.225.1769348.51 X M10168
ALP02-AN0ALP02-AN125.127.1799648.51 X M10178
ALP03-AN0ALP03-AN127.129.38210148.51 X M10185
ALP04-AN0ALP04-AN129.331.78610548.51 X M10195
ALP05-AN0ALP05-AN131.734.29111048.51 X M10205
ALP06-AN0ALP06-AN134.237.09611648.51 X M10217
ALP07-AN0ALP07-AN137.040.010112148.51 X M10229
ALP08-AN0ALP08-AN140.043.210612748.51 X M10241
ALP09-AN0ALP09-AN143.246.711313448.51 X M10255
ALP10-AN0ALP10-AN146.750.511914148.51 X M10272
ALP11-AN0ALP11-AN150.554.612714848.51 X M10288
ALP12-AN0ALP12-AN154.659.013515648.51 X M10307
ALP13-AN0ALP13-AN159.063.814416548.51 X M10327
ALP14-AN0ALP14-AN163.869.015317548.51 X M10348
ALP15-AN0ALP15-AN169.074.616318648.51 X M10372