What is the mechanical strength of cable cleats?

What is the mechanical strength of cable cleats?

The international standard IEC 61914 includes a formula in Annex B that enables a designer to calculate the force between two conductors during a fault.

If the strength of a particular cable cleat is also known, then the optimum spacing of the cable cleat along the cable in order to restrain the force created by the fault can be calculated.

The strength of a cable cleat is often determined using a mechanical tensile test. However, the results may be misleading because the force is applied in a slow and controlled manner, which does not replicate fault conditions.

In a short-circuit fault the forces are applied almost instantaneously and oscillate in every direction. Experience shows that a cable cleat that survives a mechanical tensile test at a given force will not necessarily survive a short-circuit test, even if forces are the same.

Consider the properties of glass, immensely strong under tension… but, subject to brittle failure when impacted.

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