Two Hole Cable Clamp (Non-Metallic)

Two Hole Cable Clamp (Non-Metallic)

Light Duty Polymer Cable Clamp, for single cables.

The Ellis two hole cable clamps have been designed, developed, tested and manufactured in accordance with IEC 61914 (Cable cleats for electrical installations). The clamp is available in a range of sizes with range taking ability to suit single cables. The clamp is manufactured as standard in Black Polypropylene (B) or Black Flame Retardant VO Zero Halogen Phosphorus-Free UV Stabilised Nylon (LSF) or to special order in a London Underground Approved Material (LUL). Two hole cable clamps can be supplied with a neoprene liner on request (‘L’ should be added as a suffix to the part number). All liners have sidewall up-stands for secure location within the clamp.

For data sheets and installation instructions head to the Downloads section.

Max S/C Test LevelCleat Spacing

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Part No.Material SuffixCable Range Dia. mmLiner ThicknessRange Take with LinerDimensions W mmDimensions H mmDimensions D mmDimensions P mmFixing HolesPack QtyWeight - B (g)Weight - LSF (g)Weight - LUL (g)
2F+07B/LSF/LUL38-46332-40926054682 X M102573.091.0119.0
2F+08B/LSF/LUL46-51340-451037154792 X M102580.9109.9132.0
2F+09B/LSF/LUL51-57345-511037654792 X M102595.0119.0155.0
2F+10B/LSF/LUL57-64351-581038254792 X M102589.1122.5156.5
2F+11B/LSF/LUL64-70358-6413089541062 X M1010116.0157.3189.0
2F+1200B/LSF/LUL70-76462-6812895751042 X M1010160.1190.0285.0
2F+1201B/LSF/LUL76-83468-75135100751112 X M1010174.0206.5309.8
2F+1202B/LSF/LUL83-90475-82143108751192 X M1010188.3228.6342.9
2F+131B/LSF/LUL90-97580-871651151001382 X M125335.5423.0634.5
2F+132B/LSF/LUL97-105587-951711221001442 X M125355.1440.6660.9
2F+141B/LSF/LUL105-112595-1021781301001512 X M125382.4509.9764.9
2F+142B/LSF/LUL112-1205102-1101871381251602 X M125495.6622.0933.0
2F+151B/LSF/LUL120-1285110-1181961481251682 X M125536.8715.71073.5
2F+152B/LSF/LUL128-1355118-1252031581251762 X M125578.9771.91157.9
2F+161B/LSF/LUL135-1445125-1342221681501902 X M165831.31108.41662.7
2F+162B/LSF/LUL144-1525134-1422321791502002 X M165902.31203.11804.6
2F+171B/LSF/LUL152-1605142-1502421901502102 X M165976.21301.61952.4
2F+172B/LSF/LUL160-1685150-1582522011502202 X M1651052.11402.92104.3