New Wear Bridge Crossing: Cable duct support system

New Wear Bridge Crossing: Cable duct support system

New Wear Bridge Crossing Cable Duct Support System

Date                                      Feb-Sep 2016

Project Name                     New Wear Bridge Crossing

Main Contractor               Farrans

Sub-Contractor                Balfour Beatty, NPG

Project Location               Wear Bridge, Sunderland, UK

Scope of supply                Standard 2F+ clamps complete with stainless steel support framework

Quantity                              240 complete units



• The Queen Alexander Bridge – the existing power supply route – was due to be decommissioned due to age and phasing out oil-filled cables in favour of the New Wear Bridge.
• Northern Power Grid required a unique installation involving power cables being suspended under the bridge and above the water in Emtelle ducts.
• Balfour Beatty contracted to install cables and sought Ellis for duct support solution.


• Ellis collaborated with Balfour Beatty:
• Developed a product to suspend ducts beneath the bridge.
• Created an installation methodology.
• Solution involved 12 standard 2F+ clamps with a customised bespoke stainless-steel structure.
• Supplied a total of 240 assemblies.
• Frames hang below the bridge, supporting Emtelle ducts, with power cables installed within these ducts.