Phoenix ®

Phoenix ®

Fire Rated Cable Clamps. Community Design Reg No.000355854-0002. When you need cable clamps that are fireproof, corrosion resistant and easy to fit. The Phoenix range is specifically designed for the installation of Fire Protection (FP) rated cables. Precision engineered from Type 316L stainless steel with single bolt fixing, Phoenix Cable Clamps are available in 11 sizes to suit single cables from 10mm to 65mm in diameter. To prove their fire resistance these cleats were used to secure a fire rated cable during a series of tests in accordance with BS 5839-1:2002, Section 26.2d. The cleats successfully supported the cable during the test and the performance was as expected given the physical characteristics of 316L stainless steel at elevated temperatures. We would be happy to supply you with a copy of the test report and data sheet.

Max S/C Test LevelCleat Spacing

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Part No.Cable Range Dia. mmDimensions W mmDimensions H mmDimensions D mmDimensions E mmFixing HolesWeight g
1FP-10SS10-1340214013.71 X M1091
1FP-11SS13-1644244013.71 X M10106
1FP-12SS16-1947274013.71 X M10113
1FP-13SS19-2351314013.71 X M10125
1FP-14SS23-2755354013.71 X M10139
1FP-15SS27-3260404013.71 X M10153
1FP-16SS32-3866464013.71 X M10174
1FP-17SS38-4674544013.71 X M10201
1FP-18SS46-5180594013.71 X M10225
1FP-19SS51-5785644013.71 X M10242
1FP-20SS57-6593734013.71 X M10265