Emperor ™ Single Twist Foot

Emperor ™ Single Twist Foot

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The innovative twist-foot Emperor combines our leading Emperor cable cleat and the required fixings to allow it to be installed into channel. Because the cleat is supplied with all the required fixings pre-installed, this development simplifies the ordering process. The twist foot cleats which are supplied pre-assembled, are suitable for all installations using cable channel and ladder with inverted rungs. There are single footed versions for cables in trefoil up to 58mm, and double footed versions for cables with diameters ranging from 55mm to 119mm. The single version locks in place with nothing more complex than a 90 degree turn and the tightening of the integral securing bolt, while the double footed version is secured with tabs that are simply rotated 90 degrees to engage the channel nut, before the securing bolt is tightened. For data sheets and installation instructions head to the Downloads section. For more information and how the twist foot installation compares with using standard fixings have a look at our video.

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Part No.Cable Range Min Ø (mm)Cable Range Max Ø (mm)Dimensions W (mm)Dimensions H (mm)Dimensions D (mm)Weight (g)

X’ denotes fixing material, options are as follows: 4 = A4 Stainless Steel, G = Galvanised Steel, Z = Zinc Plated Steel. e.g. ES37-45 with stainless steel twist foot fixings becomes ES37-45TFM12-4

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