Cable Hangers – Galvanised Steel

Cable Hangers – Galvanised Steel

Manufactured in Mild Steel, Hot Dipped Galvanised after manufacture to BS EN ISO 1461:1999. Special Designs available on request. E.g. Girder Hanging, 90° Twist, side by side cables. Used to hang cables on walls and support structures.

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Part No.WaysDimensions A mmDimensions B mmDimension C mmDimension D mmDimensions E mmDimensions F mmMaterial Size WMaterial Size ThicknessFixing Holes Dia.Pack QtyWeight g
CH1W1114510520105-37406111500Cable up to 50mm dia.
CH2W122351952010537406111900Cable up to 50mm dia.
CH3W133522852010590374061111300Cable up to 50mm dia.
CH4W144153752010590374061111700Cable up to 50mm dia.
CH5W155054652010590374061112100Cable up to 50mm dia.
CH6W165955552010590374061112500Cable up to 50mm dia.
CH1W2117013020130-50506131820Cable 51-75mm dia.
CH2W2229525520130125505061311480Cable 51-75mm dia.
CH3W2342038020130125505061312240Cable 51-75mm dia.
CH4W2454550520130125505061312980Cable 51-75mm dia.
CH5W2567063020130125505061313710Cable 51-75mm dia.
CH6W2679575520130125505061314440Cable 51-75mm dia.
CH1W3118514520145-62506131980Cable 76-100mm dia.
CH2W3234530520145160625061311900Cable 76-100mm dia.
CH3W3350546520145160505061312820Cable 76-100mm dia.
CH4W3466562520145160625061313600Cable 76-100mm dia.
CH5W3582578520145160625061314660Cable 76-100mm dia.
CH6W3698594520145160625061315600Cable 76-100mm dia.