image.axd The world’s leading cable cleat manufacturer, Ellis has secured its first order from France’s electricity transmission system operator, RTE – and aptly this premiere specification is for an installation in Cannes.

Ellis’ Emperor cleats and Flexistraps, which are tried, trusted and regularly specified by power companies across the world, were ordered for RTE by contractor SCIE THT and are being used to secure cables in a technical gallery and risers connecting substations in the La Bocca area of the city. Tony Conroy, Ellis’ export director, said:

“Whenever we enter a new market our main aim is to secure business from the major utility companies as quickly as possible. RTE is very much the leading name for power supply in France and I’m confident that now we’ve secured our first order the first-hand experience they will gain of the quality and security our products will lead to many more.”

Designed for use where the highest levels of short circuit withstand are required, Ellis’ Emperor cable cleats are available for both trefoil and single cable applications, and are manufactured in type 316L stainless steel, meaning they provide ultimate corrosion protection.

The benefits of the Emperor cleats also extend to a patented design, which makes installation quick and easy, and an integral LSF zero halogen polymeric liner and base pad that protects and cushions cables during short circuit conditions.

Ellis’ Flexistraps, which can be used in conjunction with either Emperor or Vulcan cleats, are designed to provide a cost-effective means of ensuring there is no drop in protection levels on installations where cleats are widely spaced. ‘It used to be that a significant number of orders were won or lost on price alone,’ continued Tony.

‘Today, thanks to the European and International standards, there is a greater understanding of the vital role of cleats and so more and more educated specification decisions are being made – and in this case it was the proven short-circuit resistance of our Emperor cleats that made the difference.’

For additional information on Ellis and its other world leading products, visit www.ellispatents.co.uk or call +44(0)1944 758395.