Emperor ™ Trefoil

Emperor ™ Trefoil

Stainless Steel Cable Cleats. Patent No. UK Patent GB 233 9237. When you need cleats that withstand the highest levels of short-circuit. The Emperor range offers the ultimate protection against the harshest conditions, and its unique design means it can be quickly installed. Manufactured in Type 316L stainless steel, Emperor cleats are available in multiple sizes with range-taking capability, to suit trefoil or single cables. To protect and cushion the cables during short circuit conditions, the cleat is supplied with an integral Low Smoke and Fume Polymeric liner and base pad. We recommend that the Emperor is fixed using either two 10mm bolts, or a single 12mm bolt (not supplied but available as extras). Alternative bolt recommendations on request. For a more economical installation, cleats can be spaced more widely, with a retention strap fitted in between.

Max S/C Test LevelCleat Spacing

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Part No.Cable Range Min Dia mm.Cable Range Max Dia. mmDimensions W mmDimensions H mmDimensions D mmDimensions P mmFixing HolesWeight g
ER19-231923968354252 X M10 + 1 X M12425
ER23-282328968354252 X M10 + 1 X M12425
ER27-322732978854252 X M10 + 1 X M12440
ER30-353035999154252 X M10 + 1 X M12445
ER33-3833381039554252 X M10 + 1 X M12460
ER36-42364212410054502 X M10 + 1 X M12600
ER40-46404612510654502 X M10 + 1 X M12605
ER44-50445013011754502 X M10 + 1 X M12630
ER48-55485513212154502 X M10 + 1 X M12640
ER51-58515813612854502 X M10 + 1 X M12650
ER55-62556216013554752 X M10 + 1 X M12810
ER59-60596616314354752 X M10 + 1 X M12825
ER63-70637016615154752 X M10 + 1 X M12850
ER67-74677416915854752 X M10 + 1 X M12850
ER71-78717817216554752 X M10 + 1 X M12890
ER74-82748217717154752 X M10 + 1 X M12890
ER77-85778518317754752 X M10 + 1 X M12905
ER82-88828819118754752 X M10 + 1 X M12820
ER88-96889620720354752 X M10 + 1 X M12890
ER96-1039610322121854752 X M10 + 1 X M12940
ER103-11110311123723554752 X M10 + 1 X M12950
ER111-11911111925325054752 X M10 + 1 X M121010
ER119-12811912826527554752 X M10 + 1 X M121220