Single Way Snap on Saddle Clip

Single Way Snap on Saddle Clip

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Manufactured as standard in Black Polypropylene (B) and Grey Flame Retardant Polypropylene (FR). Used for mounting cables and pipes on flat surfaces also providing clearance between the cable or pipe and the mounting surface.

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Part No.Material SuffixCable Dia. mmFixing Holes mmPack QtyWeight g
90-M095B or FR9.53.755001.8
90-M120B or FR12.03.755002.4
90-01B or FR12.73.755002.2
90-02B or FR15.03.755002.4
90-03B or FR17.54.05003.3
90-075B or FR19.04.05003.6
90-04B or FR23.04.05003.2
90-04.1B or FR24.24.05003.1
90-05B or FR25.44.05004.3
90-06B or FR27.55.05005.3
90-07B or FR31.75.02006.8
90-08B or FR34.05.02006.7
90-09B or FR38.15.01006.8
90-10B or FR42.05.02008.7
90-11B or FR42.65.02009.5
90-12B or FR44.45.01007.4
90-13B or FR48.75.020010.4
90-14B or FR53.95.010014.4
90-143B or FR55.06.010026.3
90-15B or FR60.56.010025.8
90-19B or FR75.07.55040.8
90-SBSaddle Clip Spacer1.2


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