Insulation Plate

Insulation Plate

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Insulation plates are typically used to break the electrical contact between dissimilar metals (e.g. fastening a stainless steel cleat onto a galvanised structure) and mitigate the risks of bi-metallic corrosion . Ellis offers a range of insulation plates to suit different cleat sizes. The plates are manufactured as standard in black polypropylene or black flame retardant VO zero halogen UV stabilised nylon (LSF).

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Typical Cleat recommendations are as follows:


91-1P-1: ER19-23 to ER33-38 and ES32-39 to ES65-73

91-IP-2: ER36-42 to ER51-58 and ES73-85 to ES94-118

91-IP-3: ER55-62 to ER119-128 and ES118-130 to ES127-150


91-IP: VRT+00 to VRT+02 and VRQ+01 to VRQ+02

91-IP-1: VRT+03 to VRT+06 and VRQ+03 to VRQ+04

91-IP-2: VRT+07 to VRT+12 and VRQ+05 to VRQ+08

91-IP-3:VRT+13 to VRT+20 and VRQ+09

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