Ellis No Bolts Cleat ™

Ellis No Bolts Cleat ™

Ellis No Bolts Cleat is a fully polymeric cable cleat designed for fast installation. The cleat is manufactured from a high strength nylon specifically formulated to meet the London Underground 1-085 specification. Due to its non-metallic design the cleat is impervious to ‘bi-metallic corrosion’ and suitable for use in the harshest of environments.

  • Stackable design for multiple cable runs.
  • No risk of damaging cable.
  • Range suits Ø18 – Ø55mm single cables.
  • Fast installation.
OrientationPeakCleat SpacingIEC61914
Stacked71.7kA75mmCat. 2 pass
Horizontal101kA110mmCat. 2 pass

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Part No.Cable Ø Range mm Dimensions W mm Dimensions H mmDimensions D mmFixing HoleWeight g
NBC18-2218-2210991901 X M8830
NBC20-2620.2610991901 X M8815
NBC24-3024-3010991901 X M8808
NBC28-3428-3410991901 X M8801
NBC32-3932-3910991901 X M8792
NBC37-4737-4710991901 X M8758
NBC45-55*45-5510991851 X M8675

For the twist foot feature add a ‘TF’ suffix e.g. NBC18-22TF