Concrete Stub Tube

Concrete Stub Tube

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The Ellis concrete stub tube has been designed, developed and manufactured in house, in the UK. Manufactured from 100% recycled, water resistant polypropylene polymer. The stub tube is designed to be placed over a bolt when pouring concrete slabs. This forms a void which then allows the bolt to move around once the concrete is set to make fixing steel structures in place easier. The waterproof material means there is no distortion of the void which may occur if traditional cardboard tubes are used. The addition of a lid also means it is highly unlikely for concrete to be accidently poured into the void. Once the steel is correctly fitted the bolt remains firmly locked in place with the tube left in, it can then be filled with concrete or grout to be fixed in place permanently. The stub tube is designed to accommodate bolt up to M24 and be used at full size for 340mm fixings or cut down for 190mm fixings. For datasheets head to the downloads section here.

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