Cable Core Twisters

Cable Core Twisters

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Manufactured in Acetal (International Orange). Used to manipulate bare or insulated cable cores and to align the cores prior to jointing.

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Part No.CoresCore Range Size mm²Pack QtyWeight g
110-95C370 Bare x 96 Bare1054
110-X01C395 Bare x 95 Ins1051
110-120C370 Bare x 120 bare1051
110-120IC370 Ins x 120 Ins1049
110-X06C3120 Bare x 120 Ins1048
110-X07C3185 Bare x 185 Ins10148
110-240C3185 Bare x 240 Bare10146
110-300C3185 Bare x 300 Bare10147
110-300IC3185 Ins x 300 Ins10139
110-X08C3300 Bare x 300 Ins10138
110-X09C370 Bare x 70 Ins1053
110-X10C395 Bare x 185 Bare10154
110-X11C395 Ins x 185 Ins10149
110-X03C3 & 43C 95 Ins x 4C 95 Ins1050
110-X04C3 & 43C 185 Ins x 4C 185 Ins10145
110-X05C3 & 43C 300 Ins x 4C 240 Ins10135
110-X12C3 & 43C 300 Bare x 4C 300 Bare10141
110-X13C3 & 43C 300 Ins x 4C 300 Ins10134
110-41C495 Bare x 95 Ins1051
110-42C4185 Ins x 240 Ins10142
110-43C4185 Bare x 240 Bare10150
110-44C4185 Ins x 300 Ins10141
110-45C4185 Ins x 185 Bare10TBC
110-46C4300 Ins x 300 Bare10TBC
110-48C4120 Ins x 185 Ins10150
110-X02C4185 Bare x 300 Bare10146
110-X14C495 Bare x 185 Bare10155
110-X15C495 Ins x 185 Ins10149
110-16C495 Ins stranded x 95 Ins solid1051
110-17C4300 Ins stranded x 300 Ins solid10140

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