Vulcan+ ™

Vulcan+ ™

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Standard Duty Compact Stainless Steel Cable Cleat, for cables in single, trefoil or quad formation. The Ellis Vulcan+ cable cleat has been designed, developed, tested and manufactured in accordance with IEC 61914 (cable cleats for electrical installations). The cleat is available in a range of sizes with range taking ability to suit single cables, cables in trefoil formation or cables in quad formation. The frame of the cleat is manufactured from corrosion resistant 316L grade stainless steel, the cable is supported by a liner manufactured form a low smoke zero halogen (LSOH) material. The closure fixings are manufactured from A4-70 grade stainless steel. Vulcan+ can be fixed to the supporting structure by either one or two M10 fixings. Non standard cleat designs can be supplied upon request. For data sheets and installation instructions head to the Downloads section.

Max S/C Test LevelCleat Spacing

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Part No.Trefoil Cable Range Min Dia. mmTrefoil Cable Range Max Dia. mmSingle Cable Range Min Dia. mmSingle Cable Range Max Dia. mmDimensions W mmDimensions H mmDimensions D mmDimensions P mmFixing HolesWeight g
VRT+0019243042609354N/A1 X M10251
VRT+0123283850639854N/A1 X M10258
VRT+02273243587210654N/A1 X M10269
VRT+03303549647911254N/A1 X M10279
VRT+04333855708511854N/A1 X M10284
VRT+05364258759612554N/A1 X M10319
VRT+064046638410513354N/A1 X M10331
VRT+074450739011214054N/A1 X M10391
VRT+0848558310012114954N/A1 X M10405
VRT+0951588610412615454N/A1 X M10411
VRT+1055628811013416254503 X M10442
VRT+1159669011514317054503 X M10453
VRT+12637010012515217754503 X M10460
VRT+13677410713216118554753 X M10524
VRT+14717812014516919254753 X M10536
VRT+15748212515017619954753 X M10542
VRT+16778513215318320554753 X M10544
VRT+17818913615619021654753 X M10618
VRT+18859313915920022554753 X M10628
VRT+19899714216220023554753 X M10637
VRT+209310116017021524054753 X M10646

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