Ellis Patents has installed 173 new solar panels at its Rillington headquarters in North Yorkshire, meaning the cable cleat manufacturer has now invested over £400k in solar power; with over 400 panels now producing in excess of 250,000KwH per annum.

In real terms, this investment equates to 50 per cent of Ellis’ energy bills being covered by solar generated power across the year.

Danny Macfarlane, Ellis Patents’ managing director, said: “The solar panels have been installed in three phases since 2020, and we have a fourth planned for 2024 that will see another 128 added. This will see us produce nearly 300,000kWH a year, which for a high energy using manufacturer like us, represents an enormous cost saving.”

The company’s green thinking hasn’t been confined to solar power, with those at the helm of the business long believing that going green isn’t an optional extra for manufacturers.

“We’ve grown significantly as a business since I joined in 2003, and as we’ve grown, we’ve done so in a manner that ensures we are as energy efficient as possible.”

This approach has seen Ellis Patents invest heavily in green initiatives over the last two decades – a period that has seen its headquarters expand by over 500 per cent to 50,000 sq. ft.

Each new addition to the building has been built to the highest specification of insulation, has featured rapid close doors, and made the best use of natural light. Ellis Patents was also one of the earliest adopters of LED lighting.

The company is also ISO14001 accredited, which demonstrates its commitment to improving its environmental performance and sustainability through a process of continuous improvement. This includes considering the environmental impact of product designs, and taking care of where raw materials are purchased from. This is possible by having a dedicated energy team assigned to look at all the ways that energy reductions can be achieved across all areas of the business.

“At a time when many manufacturers are seeing huge increases in material and energy costs, we are so grateful that those early decisions to go green have helped not only save the environment, but secure a sustainable future for the business and its employees,” added Danny.