Trident - full range (002)

Ellis has further strengthened its already world leading product range by extending its range of Trident all-plastic trefoil cable cleats for smaller electrical cables.

Now available in six sizes, ranging from Ø24-54mm, Trident was initially developed to help Ellis’ on-going expansion in Europe, where similar products are in particularly high demand.

Richard Shaw, managing director of Ellis, said: “All-plastic trefoil cleats for smaller cables have been popular in Germany and Holland for a long time, but with demand beginning to grow in a number of other markets, both at home and abroad, we felt the time was right to strengthen our hand and fill a gap in our portfolio.”

“The success we enjoyed on the back of last year’s initial release meant developing a full range was the sensible option, and with this now available we have placed ourselves on a better than even footing with the major European plastic cleat manufacturers, and on-course to make significant sales gains in an area of the market that we’ve not previously been able to competed fully in.”

Trident has a Finite Element Analysis optimised design that is both elegant and cost effective. The standard product is manufactured from a V0 0H glass filled nylon. It is also available in a London Underground Limited (LUL) approved polymer that meets London Underground standard 1-085. Both versions of the product have been short-circuit tested to IEC61914.

For more information on Trident visit www.ellispatents.co.uk, call +44(0)1944 758395 or follow @EllisPatents on Twitter.