Adam Freer of Ellis has been named Derwent Training Association’s Apprentice of the Year (Final year NVQ in the workplace).

Adam, 26 from Rillington – the village where the world’s leading cable cleat manufacturer has its headquarters –, was honoured following the completion of his three-year Advanced Apprenticeship in Toolmaking.

Bob Watmore, training and assessment manager of Derwent Training Association, said: “Adam showed throughout his apprenticeship the highest desire to challenge himself and achieve the best possible learning outcomes, while always looking to take every opportunity to maximise his capabilities.

“He is a real role model for other apprentices, and it was a pleasure to work with someone who recognised the value of approaching an apprenticeship in such a manner. He deserved the award as much for his attitude as the work he put in.”

Ellis has a long history of supporting apprenticeships. All of the company’s toolmakers started their careers as apprentices, including tool room manager, Mark Angus, who completed his time in 1992.

Richard Shaw, managing director of Ellis, said: “The value of putting people through apprenticeships can’t be underestimated. From an employee point of view, an apprenticeship means learning and earning, at the end of which you have a qualification and up to three-years’ work experience on your CV, and have avoided running up potentially crippling student debts.

“While from our point of view, we get to educate new staff members in the Ellis way of doing business, and ensure our workforce maintains its reputation for being highly qualified, highly skilled and highly experienced.”

Derwent Training Association is based in Malton, North Yorkshire. It was founded in 1988 by a consortium of innovative industry leaders and grew from a need to improve and maintain high quality, industry led training. Today it oversees 169 apprentices and has established a first class reputation for the recruitment, training and retention of skilled young engineers. To find out more visit


Ellis is the world’s leading cable cleat manufacturer. For additional information visit www.ellispatents.co.uk or call 01944 758395.