Subsea Termination Clamp Brackets

Subsea Termination Clamp Brackets

Subsea Termination Clamp Brackets

Date                                     2021

Project Name                    Subsea Cleat 220kV

Project Location               Various offshore locations

Scope of supply                Cable Joint Clamp Brackets

Ellis project #                    1530



• Ellis were approached by a company who supply joints and protective housings to repair offshore subsea cables.
• The company had a design for the outer housing and the joint but required a solution for supporting the cable within the housing.



• Detailed CAD models of the enclosure were provided to Ellis’s Technical Team.
• The CAD models included information about the available space and fixing points.
• A design was developed for the enclosure, utilising a combination of standard products and a new bespoke design.
• To validate the design, a combination of hand calculations and finite element analysis (FEA) was employed.
• Detailed design drawings were created based on the validated design and manufactured fully on site at Ellis.

3D Model of cable joints in subsea rated housing

FEA design validation

Cable and joint clamping solutions


Completed brackets prior to shipping