Joint Bay Cable Support Structure

Joint Bay Cable Support Structure

Joint Bay Cable Support Structure

Year                                       2021

Project Name                    CHW Export PJT

Project Location                Korea

Scope of supply                Steelwork to support cables in a joint bay

Ellis Project #                     1520



• The customer sought Ellis’s help for a cable support solution in a constrained joint bay.
• Limited space and multiple cables needed accommodation.
• Structures required in kit form due to site and shipping limitations.



• Ellis modelled the available space and designed steel structures to support cables and handle the required loads.
• Validated designs through hand calculations and FEA software.
• Conducted load testing for structural performance verification.
• Manufactured from galvanised steel and bolted together.
• Provided structures in kit format for on-site assembly.


CAD Model of joint bay showing all cables, joints and support stands

FEA of single stand

Prototype (ungalvanised) joint stand