HV Cable Press

HV Cable Press

HV Cable Press

Date                                      2022

Project Name                    Hinkley Connection Project

Project Location                Somerset, South West England

Scope of supply                Bespoke Cable Presses

Ellis Project#                      1597



• Ellis received an inquiry from a customer who was contracted to install cables in a trench at the Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station.
• The project demanded the cables being installed into a snake configuration within a concrete trough.


• Ellis initiated the solution by modelling the trough and calculating the necessary forces required to bend the cable.
• Various solutions were investigated including air bags, for ease of use.
• The final solution relied on utilising an off-the-shelf ram and hydraulic pump, coupled with a CNC machined aluminium base and a customised Ellis aluminium profile designed to support the cables.
• Given the project’s tight timelines, the incorporation of off-the-shelf components, coupled with Ellis’s in-house design and CNC capabilities, proved indispensable.

Cable Installation and Cable Press shown in position in cable trough

Cable Press CAD Drawing

Cable Press and Hydraulic Hand Pump